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  • Cheap Boise Dentist Compared to Affordable Boise Dentist

    What is the difference between a cheap Boise dentist compared to an affordable Boise dentist?
    Affordable dental care is good quality for a fair price while cheap dental care is low quality for a low price. Cheap will always cost more in the long run because you never really fix the problem.

    Dr. Grace with All Smiles Dentistry of Idaho decided long ago that he wanted to help people with their dental care needs in the most cost effective and most beneficial way. Instead of fancy equipment and luxurious offices, a large office staff and expensive dental billing services, Dr. Grace has invested his efforts into helping those in need of good quality dental care at an affordable price. If you desire HDTV while you wait for the dentist, then All Smiles Dentistry is probably not for you. If you desire quality general dental care for an affordable price then look no further.

    Just make an appointment for a free initial consultation or second opinion and compare the price for the same services of other Boise dentist offices. You’ll be so glad you did!

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